Tuesday, February 8, 2011

January 2011

Hooray for BJP 2011. It has aken me some time to get started on BJP 2011, not for lack of ideas, but the lack of ability to edit and select ideas. I began by choosing several different fabric samples from Spoonflower.com, which was difficult because they have so many beautiful fabrics by wonderful designers. But I finally managed to narrow the choice down to 14 samples. One for every month with 2 left over.

I knew I wanted to do something different this year. 2008/09 was my first BJP year and I made a lampworked bead for each month as my inspiration. In 2010 I used 'found' objects donated by friends and family. This year the fabric is the inspiration, but I also have some other goals. The first is to just have fun and just try things, even if they might seem silly. Another is to revisit some of the bead embroidery stitches I learned the first year. Last year was all back and running stitch.
But the biggest challenge will be knowing when to stop. Last year was easy, I covered the whole piece. This year, I want to learn to look at my pieces and learn what 'finished' looks like.

Is January's piece finished? I'm not sure. It is balanced, not too crowded, has lots of movement. Let's just say it is a work in progress. I liked making the coiled wire coils, and planting them with 'feet'. The sun is an inspiration at this time of year, when we just don't get enough of it!
Thanks for looking...


Anonymous said...

I've never seen coiled wire before, and I wonder how you make them. I see them as adding critter movement to your piece, almost flying if you will. I love to allow fabrics to dictate themes as well. Your piece is lovely, and I look forward to more!

Marty S said...

Those coils really caught my eye! I'd like to know how you made them, too. The colorful fabric background must have been fun to work with. Very nice.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

Robin said...

You certainly showed your fun side with this one, Margaret!!! I totally love and admire your "goals" for this year, especially the one about learning to see "finished."

Is this one finished? To me is is because it's really about the fabric... the beads are there to layer your individuality and interpretation over the creation of another artist, enhance it, bring it to a higher level. This you did very well!

Robin A.

Margaret Sutherland said...

I coil the wire by hand on a thin mandrel (2/16ths of an inch) and then coil the coil. You can also by a Coiling Gizmo. Their web site (http://www.coilinggizmo.com/)
has some nice videos of hand coiling and the gizmo.

Karin said...

What fantastic colours! I love how bright and fun the piece is.