Monday, August 31, 2009

I've managed to finish all 12 months of the BJP and I'm quite happy with the results. Starting in the upper left corner with September, then October and November going down. Back to the top for December, second from the left, and down again for January and February. March is on top, 3rd from the left, with Aprial and May below. Finally June on the top right with July and August below.
I supposed I could say something about each piece, but the important thing for me is the variety and how well the pieces work together. I started each piece with an idea and a color of Ultra Suede. Then I made a lampworked bead or beads to be the inspiration or just be part of the design. People who look at the real piece enjoy figuring out which bead I made.
Now my challenge is to make some small circles to cover the corners and figure out how to mount and frame the piece. But I've got time, 4 months until the next BJP begins. Can't wait!

August Finished!

I had no trouble thinking of a theme and bead for August. I'm amazed, pleased and a little surprised that I've stuck with this project. So full circle seemed very fitting. The earth has made another journey around the sun, and all of us have traveled with it!
As with all my pieces, they are quite simple from a bead embroidery technical level, but I do have fun with the colors and making a lampwork bead to fit into the piece.