Thursday, May 13, 2010

April 2010

This piece is my favorite so far. It features a piece of coral my sister Teresa Honnold found years ago. My husband used a dremel tool to cut it in half, so it would have a flat back. It was not a pleasant smell and it took forever. But I ended up with 2 nice pieces of coral and will use the other one in some kind of project as a birthday present for my sister.
The shape of the coral inspired the flowing long green lines, like underwater sea weed. The color green is so appropriate for April and May in Michigan. All the grass and trees and bushes just burst with that life giving color. We've had a couple of days of rain, and when the sun comes out tomorrow the different shades and tones of green will be electric.
Since it almost mid-May, I better get started on it. I have a piece of drift wood from my friend Denise Billups-Walker, and blue will be the color.

March and April

March 2010

I was busy with work during March and April, and am just getting around to finishing and posting for those months. I actually had the March piece done some time ago, but just finished April today. I'm finding that I put less pressure on myself this year, which is a good thing to learn!

March's piece features a machined metal piece that comes from my friend and beady buddy Erin Hook, who found a big bin of them at her last place of work. The entire bin was being discarded as trash, and Erin thought they could make a great necklace, especially in the 'punk' style so popular now. They are actually pieces from a Ford transmission. How appropriate for a beader from Michigan! The color gray was interesting to work with and I consciously wanted the design to be angular and severe. The technical challenge was working around the space where the metal piece was going to be cradled. I added it last and secured it with beads.
I haven't actually looked at my first 4 pieces together, so I have no idea what overall impression they will send when all the pieces are done. It's all beads, so it is all good!