Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Snowflakes all over the place! We've had a near record snowfall so far this season, and snowflakes were a natural theme. It was fun to make so many varieties of snowflakes. The lampworked snowflake on the right was an easy disk with built up dots of clear and white. I thought about etching it, but left it shiny. I actually made 2, and used the other for a friend's birthday necklace. I'll have to borrow it back and take a picture.
I was a little concerned about this piece being so monochromatic, but I figure that this month is pretty monochromatic! Plus, when I get all the pieces joined, this piece might provide a little rest for the eyes, since my other pieces have plenty of color.
I'm still debating February. I could do hearts, and that would challenge me to make some lampworked hearts. I'm a little late getting started, but I'll catch up, I promise! I was busy in January helping our beadmakers group plan our annual retreat. We took over a bed&breakfast in Kalamazoo, and also had the wonderful facilities of the West Michigan Glass Society. It was the most fun I've had in a long time. We just played for almost 3 days, with member taught classes, evening workshops and lots of laughter. This was our 3rd year sponsoring the retreat, and each year gets better. We've already booked next year!

What a winter it has been. Large snowfalls, most of which is still on the ground. I imagine we'll be close to a record for the season. Our driveway curves and goes up hill, and has beaten more than one poor driver! But snow is supposed to be a good insulator for the perennial garden, so it can stay until the really cold weather is done.

This piece looks a little dark, and it is very monochromatic. I wanted a variety of snowflaks, just like you see on a snowy day. The lampworked bead on the right side middle is just a disk with white and clear dots built up. I made another one that I used for a friend's birthday present. I'll have to borrow it and take a picture. It was simple and lovely.