Monday, March 2, 2009

Blue February

I love hearts and have made them with PMC, wire, seed beads, crystals and glass, like in my February journal piece. February is a big transition the beginning of the month I'm still feeling the winter blues, thus a blue heart, not a red one! The heart is made with Effetre white and periwinkle, a really lovely glass color to work with. Not too drippy, not too stiff. I wanted to keep this piece simple and just echo the glass heart in blues and whites.

By the end of February there are sign of spring. We have a large pond with cattails that is a prime red wing blackbird haven and we always see them return the first week of March. Right on schedule we saw the first one yesterday. They haven't begun their territorial vocalizing yet, but that will be next. I also start imagining the gathering energy in the roots of my perennials, just waiting for the soil to warm up a little. Can you tell I like spring?