Wednesday, July 7, 2010

June is busting out all over!

June's piece was fun. The charm in the upper right is from my friend and appraisal mentor Cindi Brunell. She and I were both born on Wednesday, and neither of us feels like we 'are full of woe' as the old rhyme goes. This charm says 'Friday's child is loving and giving', and we think we are actually Friday children who were only born on Wednesday by accident. Her husband David provided the bulldog charm, which turned out to be particuarly appropriate, since we have a new dog in our home, to take the place of our darling Lucky, who died April 30.
The new mutt is named Murphy and he is mostly black lab. We got him from our local Humane Society. He was surrendered by his owner becauser her mother lost their home to foreclosure. Since my work involves appraising mostly foreclosed homes, this seems both sad and ironic. But he is truly a treasure and we are happy to share our home with him. He is 5 years old and is very well behaved. He sits, sits pretty (paws up) and comes when called. He is a real gentleman and I find he is slowly filling up that hole in my heart that Lucky left when she died.
The piece is darker in real life, in a mostly dark blue/maroon palette. I used some pearls and bugles, in addtion to delicas and seed beads. Thanks for looking!