Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Finally finished December's piece. December is a month of renewal for me...the winter solstice is just a date, but I KNOW that more daylight will be slowing accumulating. There is darkness and there is light. I crave the light.

Two days ago we had almost spring-like weather, and the ice on our driveway (curvy and uphill) melted. (We've had more than a foot of snow so far this winter!) I spent time outside cleaning up 'presents' from my dog Lucky. It was wonderful.

The other fun part of this piece was getting to use charlottes. These little bitty beads are so beautiful. I collect them with no idea how I will use them. Not many bead projects call for charlottes...but I wish they did. So tiny, so fascinating. After working those tiny wonders, even 11's and 8's see HUGE. That might be my challenge next month!