Friday, December 24, 2010

November BJP

I finished November's BJP piece yesterday, and started working on December's today. I'm determined to finish 2010 this month, because I'm looking forward to BJP 2011.

This piece features a purple crystal butterfly from my friend and fellow Friday beader Linda Carstens. The mauvey purple color scheme seems to let the butterfly shine even more. There are 6s, 8s, tiles, 11s, hexes, 15s and delicas, even some crystals. It is amazing what you can find in your bead stash! Do you see the little wire antennae?

Next year, I'm going to use some of my Czech beads, which hang on the side of my workspace shelf. I want to incorporate some wire and/or 3 dimensional techniques. I also have surprise idea for my background and inspiration! You'll be able to see it in January.


Anonymous said...

Another lovely(!) piece, and congratulations for your resolve to finish before the new year. I have yet to do Dec., but will get there soon!

Carol Creech said...

Gorgeous! I love all of the pieces you posted recently. Just beautiful. I only made it through April with mine for this year. My goal is to get the rest 2010 done in 2011! :)

Robbie said...

colors in this piece is, windy looking..very nice mix of beads that work well together. Thanks for sharing.

Marty S said...

It's wonderful! The little butterfly is just perfect with the blue beads you used. Lovely beading.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader