Monday, August 31, 2009

August Finished!

I had no trouble thinking of a theme and bead for August. I'm amazed, pleased and a little surprised that I've stuck with this project. So full circle seemed very fitting. The earth has made another journey around the sun, and all of us have traveled with it!
As with all my pieces, they are quite simple from a bead embroidery technical level, but I do have fun with the colors and making a lampwork bead to fit into the piece.


Robin said...

I love the concept of "full circle"... so satisfying, whole, nest-like... And you've illustrated it beautifully with your central sun-bead. You are the only lampworker I know who is featuring their own beads in bead embroidery and I love it! You said your pieces are "simple from a bead embroidery technical level," but I think your style of bead embroidery is a perfect showcase for your lampwork beads and has clasic form to tell your stories. When I look at your work, there is no doubt that only one person could have made each of the pieces in this group. You have achieved a unique thumbprint with your work. Bravo!

pam T said...

oooo I do like this a lot! (your August page) and all your pages fit together so nicely and perfectly. Very very nice.