Saturday, November 15, 2008

Not a great photograph, but something I started before the BJP. My first bead embroidery, a purse with input from many beloved people. My sister Teresa helped me pick out the fabric, the french bead lavender flowers with help fromSylvus Tarn, the green ribbon from Anne Sheppard, the ideas and embroidery help from Hollie Archdale, sewing help from Pat Chipman. I've made a kumihimo handle, but am not happy and will try to make one with more weight. It is such a girlie purse, and very unlike me! But I love the design. Thank you for looking!

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pam T said...

This is very lovely! Wouldn't mind having it myself! :)
your BJP pages are very, very nice. I like the "neatness" of them and how it seems (to me, anyway) how you put forethought into them. I think this is going to look great when you have all 12 joined together!